Convert XML to PHP ARRAY Online tool

The best tool to convert XML format data to array type in php, you just need to select .xml file or paste Xml code in editor and convert.

Input XML

PHP Output:

What can you do with the XML to PHP Array converter?

The tool supports selecting Xml files from your computer, or pasting XML content into the editor.
The tool supports quick and easy conversion of Xml data to array type in php with just 1 click.
The tool allows to format Php, beautify the converted array.
The tool allows XML code to be beautified for readability.
Support to copy converted content, or save it to your computer as .php

How to use XML to PHP Array converter?

Step 1: Select XML file or Paste XML code
Step 2: Click the "Convert XML to PHP ARRAY" button, then copy the result or download it to your computer for use.

Why should I use Sita's XML to PHP ARRAY converter?

Because the tool is easy to use, fast and it's free.
The tool is compatible with any browser and any operating system, independent of any other software, so you do not need to install any additional software.