Tools to support online string conversion

Online string processing tools, convert a string or number to other formats like base64, md5, sha25, binary, count word, string replace online...

Random Float Generator

Generate Random float number online

Random Integer Generator

Generate Random integer number online

Random Numbers Generator

Generate number online

Random Sentences Generator

Fake Sentence, Generate Random Sentences for database

Random Emails Generator

Fake Email, Generate Random emails online

Random Phones Generator

Fake Phone, Generate Random Phones online

Random String Generator

Generate Random String

Bulk GUID Generator

Generate GUIDs Online

Bulk UUID Generator

Generate UUIDs Online

Random Name Generator

Generate random name for database

String to Binary

Convert text to binary

Binary to String Converter

Convert binary to string

URL Parser

url parsing

URL Encode

Encode a URL with this encoding tool

URL Decode

Decode a URL with this decoding tool

Url Slug generator

Generate slug for SEO friendly url

Base64 Encode

Encode String to Base64

Base64 Decode

Decode Base64 to String

Calculate String Length

Count the length of the string

Word Count

Count the number of words in the text

String to UpperCase

Convert text to uppercase

String to LowerCase

Convert text to lowercase

Text Join lines

Merge multiple lines of text into one line

String Replace

Find and replace strings in text

String to Hex

Convert text to hex

Hex to String

Convert Hex to String

Html Encode

Encode Html

Html Decode

Decode Html

Calculate Text Lines

Count Number of Lines - Calculate Text Lines