PHP Formatter and PHP Beautifier Online

Beautify dirty, ugly PHP code with the online PHP Beautifier and make your PHP code more readable. It also helps you to edit Php code online.

PHP input:
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PHP Output:

What can you do with the Php beautifier?

Beautify ugly, dirty Php code to make it more readable.
The tool offers several options: Indent by Tab...
Select the Php file from your computer or device.
Paste the Php code then beautify.
Download the beautified php content to your computer as a .php . file format
Copy the beautified Php code to use.

How to use the Php code beautifier?

Step 1: Select the .php file from your computer or paste the Php code into the editor.
Step 2: Click the "Beautify Php Code" button -> Then you can download or copy to use

The tool is easy to use and the interface is friendly. Users do not need to install any other software.
Our beauty tool is compatible with all popular operating systems and browsers.

Most IDE tools support code formatting, with PHP it is also possible to use visual studio code or Php Storm to format php.