JSON Beautifier and Formatter

This tool supports you to format json data beautifully, and can compact json to reduce the size of json content, thereby optimizing storage. At the same time, the tool also supports you with advanced features to manipulate json content.


What can you do with JSON Viewer?

Below are the features supported in our json viewer:

  • Support format json content
  • Support compressing json content, Json minify
  • Read json file from your computer
  • Save the json file to your computer
  • Editor json content online
  • Save file json online and share link
  • Customize sorting order of data in json by key
  • Filter json data with custom query

Why compress json content?

The content of the json file often has spaces, these spaces also take up a certain amount of space, so it increases the size of the json file containing it.
Therefore, compressing json will lighten the file so that reading files or downloading files over the internet is also faster and faster.

Why beautify json content?

Simply for convenience, for ease.
Json is a structured content (similar to Database structure), Json is also used in mongodb, after beautifying the content, it is much easier to see the structure and content.

Where do I get the json content?

The json content can be read from a json file in your computer. You just need to click on the Computer Menu on this json parser application, then select your json file. The system will read the contents of this file, and you can minify it or beautify it.

The json content can also be obtained by pasting directly into this application's Json Editor tool.

Json content can also be read from an online url, as long as it's a json content