HTML Cleaner Online

The html cleaner tool supports removing blank tags, invalid characters, removing inline styles and redundant attributes.

Input Html:

Output Html:

Sita's html cleaning tool supports you to clean html code, remove redundant codes, and empty tags.

What can you do with Sita's HTML cleanup tool?

Select "Remove Empty Tags": The tool will support cleaning empty tags.

Select "Remove Comments": The tool will support removing the comment code in html into spaces.

By selecting "Remove Inline Style": The tool will remove all inline style codes in html tags, the style attribute will be completely removed.

Select "Remove Script Tags": The tool will remove the javascript code in the html content.

There are also many other options: the tool also supports you to strip html tags online, completely remove html codes and keep the plaintext content.

The tool also has advanced options so you can delete any type of tags you want.