Compare Two Excel Spreadsheet files & find Diff

The tool compares 2 excel files, displays different lines, allows displaying text or showing different rows in tabular form, compares content, checksum, capacity...

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What can I do with the online Excel 2 file comparison tool?

I can compare the contents of 2 excel files to find rows with different data and display them on the screen.

I can compare the size of 2 files, compare its last modified time.

I can also compare md5 Checksum of 2 excel files.

How to use the online Excel file comparison tool to find out rows with different data?

Step 1: You select 2 Excel files (.xlsx, .csv or .ods format are all ok).

Step 2: You click the button to compare 2 excel files to find different data.

Why should I use Sita's Excel Compare tool?

Easy to use, Free.

Compatible with all browsers and all operating systems.

No need to install any other software